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A poem by John William

Bouncing my way, along paths that sway, I opened my heart and soul along the way.
I've lived, I've laughed and loved a lot, I've had the time of my life, what can I say.

Wandering paths of pleasure, some paved with pain, I've grown tall, given all, and fallen giving more in vain.
Ambitious success, good living, be smart, Don't let it get to your head.

Failure is living, it sings true,
Don't allow it to get to your heart.

The wheel of life, words find a way,
Capturing memories, living true becomes a way to say.

Stand tall, shoulder all, make fear your friend and be brave.
My past is cast, as it swayed, I've done it my way, Riding life with hitchhiker's on my wave,
Life goes on, once the thrill has gone, I'm living day to day.

In all my might, I now fight,
Things I cannot see.

I feel the attack, I've got my back,
I'm doing my best to conquer these.

At my knees cause of the birds and bees, The stigma that follows me.

I pick up my heart, find a new start,
Think big, act bold and have fun,
Dance again under the rain and sun,
What a way to go before I part.

John William

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